ANUPAMA 13TH JULY 2021 WRITTEN UPDATE: Paritosh’s sudden outburst


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Anupama Written Update: Here is the written update of Anupama’s episode of 13th July 2021.

The episode starts with Pakhi calling Anupama in excitement and tries to say something but Anupama intervenes and says you selected the song right to which Paakhi replies How did you guess. Anupama then smiled at her and then together they say “Nothing hides from Mommy” and both laugh.

Anupama asks Paakhi to show her which song she has selected to which Paakhi replies it’s a new song you might have not heard it and she plays the song. They both listen to the song and then Anupama says that she knows this song and tells her jokingly that She is not that old.

Paakhi asks Anupama that how she knows this song to which Anupama replies that yesterday when she was listening to the radio she heard this song there.

Then Pakhi asks Anupama, it is good, and Anupama replies, yes it is very good. Then Pakhi says, now you just teach me some good steps on this song, and Anupama says, ” Let’s start. Paakhi says, right now and she further says to Anupama that mom you are already very tired, not now, later when you will get free then.

Seeing her caring behavior Anupama puts his hand on Paakhi’s cheeks with love and Paakhi smiles and asks her to do some rest. Paakhi was going out but then she stops and says mom, thank you. Anupama replies, Why? I haven’t even started to teach you the dance yet. Paakhi replies, not for the dance, for supporting the dad.

She further says I am young but not that young that I will not understand my father’s problem, my father is my hero and I can’t see him losing, I really felt bad when dad’s cafe she takes a pause and wipes his tears. She says I saw the smile on dad’s face and it felt very nice, thank you. They Both smile at each other.

Anupama asks Paakhi that does she want to say more and Pakhi says, one more thank you. Anupama asks her Now for what? Paakhi says, for not leaving this house, I am so happy that even after the divorce I am living with both my mom and dad, I just hope that now dad lives happily and without arguing with Kaavya, may his all dreams come true.

To which Anupama replies Pakhi, yes they will come true for sure, he has baa and bapuji’s blessings and has his kid’s support then why not. Pakhi says thank you mommy and hugs Anupama then Paakhi says you do rest and she goes out.

Anupama says to herself, Our relationship may have been broken but Vanraj’s love with the children remains forever.

Paritosh’s sudden outburst

In the next scene, everyone is sitting in the hall the Rakhi and Paritosh enter the house. Rakhi and Paritosh collectively tell the whole family about their plan of shifting to a new house. All the family members feel shocked.

Kinjal also gets shocked and tells everyone that they haven’t finalized this decision. Paritosh intervenes and says that he has finalized this decision. Vanraj asks Anupama that if she knew about this thing to which she replies yes. She says that she accidentally heard Rakhi and Kinjal’s talks and then she decided to let Kinjal and Paritosh take a decision on this. Kinjal again says that she is yet to make a decision but Paritosh says that he has already made a decision on Kinjal’s behalf and he wants to move out.

Vanraj raises questions on Paritosh for his decision of shifting to another house. To which Paritosh replies and tells them about the problems he is facing in the house. He says, there is no privacy left in this house and he is now sick of daily arguments and family dramas happening in this house.

Anupama scolds Paritosh and says that, if Samar would have said that after Kinjal’s arrival there is no room left for him you have felt bad, similarly we all felt bad from your words. Then Anupama tells Paritosh and Kinjal that they can leave this house if they are not happy here. Leela asks Anupama that will she will be able to live without her son to which she replies that her children’s happiness is important than her.

Rakhi proposes Paritosh and Kinjal see the house first. Kinjal feels sorry about all this and takes permission in gestures from Anupama. Anupama tells Kinjal (in gestures) to go and see the house. Kinjal and Paritosh both leave the house along with Rakhi to see the house.

In the meantime, Anupama dreams of Kinjal and Paritosh leaving the house and her tears start falling. Leela makes her comfort by saying that she understands her pain as she knows this pain very well. Vanraj then questions Anupama and asks why no one is stopping them from leaving. She replies that if they will bind Paritosh their relationship will get worse, so it’s better to let them leave, Vanraj agrees with her. Samar then decides to show the academy to everyone, but Kavya and Pakhi decide to stay at home. [Episodes ends]

Precap: Anupama and her family visit the academy. Pakhi tries to call Anupama but she fails to contact her due to network issues and taking advantage of this Kavya instigates Pakhi against Anupama.

That’s all for today’s Anupama Written Update.

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